Fish Types Found Fishing Biloxi Mississippi


Types Of Fish In Biloxi Mississippi Waters

Here are some on the fish we catch.

The fish types listed are found in Biloxi, MS and the Gulf of Mexico. Remember we don’t list every fish we catch. We have hundreds of species in the northern Gulf of Mexico. There’s a good chance you will catch fish that are not in this list.

Atlantic Spadefish


Gulf wide inshore and offshore waters. Spadefish are found in schools near deep wrecks and reefs.

Black Drum


This common fish is found Gulf wide. From brackish bay waters out to near shore and offshore waters. Black Drum are found on mud, sand and shell bottoms. Medium to large specimens are very common on oyster reefs.

Black Tip Shark


The Black Tip Shark is an extremely fast, energetic predator. Black Tip Sharks are usually found in groups of varying size. Fish make up some 90% of the Black Tip Shark’s diet.


Cobia (Lemonfish)


Cobia are not bashful feeders. Chasing down food from the top to the bottom of the sea. The most common food Cobia eat are hardhead catfish, followed by eels. As Cobia grow a greater percentage of their diet is made up of fin fish.



This common fish is found Gulf wide on mud and sand bottoms. Flounder like shallow low-salinity water. They are found near shore and shallow offshore waters. Southern flounders commonly enter fresh water and have been found 100 miles up rivers.

Ground Mullet


This species is found Gulf wide on sand and mud bottoms. Inshore in the bay and offshore out to depths of about 30 feet.

Jack Crevalle


Jack Crevalle school by size. With the largest fish forming the smallest schools.

King Mackerel


King Mackerel are found Gulf wide in open nearshore and coastal waters. The King Mackerel in Biloxi are found offshore in clear water.



Found Gulf wide in the surf zone and shallow flats. Pompano like sandy bottoms in clear water. They are found in coastal waters. In the northern Gulf. They are seasonal appearing in the warmer months. Preferred water temperatures are 69-98ºF. Pompano are seldom found in water below 62ºF.



Red drum are found Gulf wide. Red drum can be found in low-salinity or even freshwater. They are caught inshore and offshore. These are not fussy about bottom type. Being found on everything from soft mud to hard bottoms of shell hash and oyster reefs. Often, large schools of large red drum will congregate. They can be found at near shore artificial reefs and oil and gas platforms.

Spanish Mackerel


Spanish mackerel are schooling predators that relentlessly attack schools of smaller fish. Often, diving gulls will attack the terrified prey fish forced to the surface by the mackerel. Feeding Spanish mackerel will gracefully leap clear of the water.

Speckled Trout


Found Gulf wide from deep interior estuaries out to 30 feet of water offshore. Speckled trout are a schooling species. Trout are not attracted to hard bottoms or structure. Trout tend to be found in areas of current.

White Trout


White trout (Sand Trout) are found in the Gulf of Mexico. From bays and estuarine waters to offshore waters 300 feet deep. Larger fish are more common in offshore waters of moderate depths. It prefers sand or mud bottoms. The fish is least common in southern Florida. Seasonally, large white trout will congregate at offshore oil and gas platforms in moderately shallow water depths.


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